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Choosing between an IP CCTV camera installation or an analogue camera system

The main purpose for installing a CCTV camera system is to record events, monitor activity or provide evidence in the event of an intrusion.

At ASMQ we assist you in the process of selecting the right system for your property and your budget. Good advice plus a customised installation so key areas are monitored enjoy the peace of mind with CCTV.


Key features of security cameras

Analogue verses IP technology

IP cameras are superior in terms of their features and flexibility of installation. Whereas Analogue cameras still require a wire to be connected from the camera to the recorder. IP CCTV cameras connect back to the recorder via Ethernet, WIFI, or WAN – the camera doesn’t need to be in the same location as the recorder.

Some important things to consider when choosing a CCTV

• Overall resolution/clarity
• Frame rate
• Lens size
• Night vision
• Power source
• Redundancy recording
• Recording time

There are many makes and models on the market varying in features and benefits to find out what the right system is for you, simply contact us today for a free in home or business consultation.