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Wired in Security Systems

A wired security system is when the main components (keypad, sensors, and siren) are connected to the central control panel by 12 Volt security cable.

Wired Home Security Systems & what to consider

  1. Perfect for existing standard construction that has easy and hidden cabling access. For example roof cavities or ample underfloor space to run cables whilst concealing them.  Or naturally perfect for new builds where you security system can be considered during the planning stage.
  2. Upgrading of existing hard wired security systems, most generally have a 10-12 year lifespan, but generally cables exceed this time frame, so mostly existing cabling is still in good condition.
  3. Price point here’s a benefit, wired security systems are more cost effective than wireless.  They take a little more labour to install but the components are cheaper, saving you money.
  4. Virtually maintenance free, as you do not need to change batteries.  The only upkeep is the odd dusting of the unit and changing the mains backup every 4-5 years.
  5. Reliability, they have superior performance without interruption as they do not have a sleep mode.
Security System Installation Security System Service Security System Repairs
Security System Installation Security System Service Security System Repairs

Wireless Security Systems

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Wireless Security Systems

The wireless security system’s main components (remote controls, sensors, keypads and sirens) relay to a master control panel via a dedicated radio frequency and each component has its own battery power supply.

Wireless Home Security Systems & what to consider

  1. Aesthetically they provide the flexibility of suiting most applications and in particular where it would be impossible to conceal wiring.
  2. These suit a purpose and are a worthwhile investment, if in doubt check with your insurance company.
  3. Great for portability, so you have the benefit of relocating the system should you move homes.
  4. Price, generally a little cheaper, but it does vary from home to home.  Our quotes are free if you need assistance.

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Security System Installation Security System Service Repairs

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