Smoke Detectors


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Don’t become a statistic, Smoke Detectors save lives!

Your family, home and assets need protection, that’s where Alarm Services & Maintenance can help!

Hard-wired Smoke Detectors

The benefits

  • Photo electric smoke detection
  • Auto draft compensation
  • Easy maintenance, no batteries, removable smoke chamber

The major advantage of the mains powered smoke alarm with a supervised hardwired smoke detector is there is no battery required.

Hardwired smoke detectors automatically reset when activated by a false alarm such as burning toast, sounding for a few seconds they then switch off and test the air again. Only if there are smoke ions still present will it again activate. 

What is photo-electric?

Photoelectric smoke alarms, also known as photo-optical detect visible particles of combustion. They respond faster to smouldering and dense smoke emitted from furnishing and overhead wiring fires.


    • Good for smoldering fire and dense smoke
    • Less prone to cooking false alarms
    • Do not contain radioactive material
    • Suitable for general use

The Result -You’re protection!

Smoke Alarm Monitoring

Back to base monitoring is an extremely beneficial add on to your smoke detector system for just a few dollars a week. The added security of alarm monitoring, the alarm monitoring company will be notified who can then alert the fire brigade.  


In January 2017 the new legislation was introduced it affects everyone who owns property.

Whether you are a landlord or home owner this will impact you.  For more information visit the Queensland Government website

Here’s the good news!

Alarm Service & Maintenance Qld can advise you on the right smoke detectors and smoke alarm systems for your home or business.

We not only sell smoke detectors, we provide a full smoke alarm installation service including maintenance and service.  We are with you all the way ensuring that your smoke detector is installed, serviced and repaired to strict standards.  And importantly compliant with Queensland’s new smoke detector laws.

To arrange a in home consultation, contact ASMQ today.